Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back--for Round Two

And it was a lot harder this time round.

There was a time when I felt on top of the world while navigating through the terminals of random airports. I walked with purpose and autonomy and alternated between moods of proud independence and traveler's excitement--head up, eyes open, occasional bemused smiles.

So also the flights were filled with a mix of anxious excitement and patient/contented ennui for the tedium of long minutes of taxi, takeoff, waiting for the beverage cart, pilot announcements garbled over loudspeakers, etc. Whatever the length of flight, whatever the destination—I always enjoyed the journey as much as the arrival; I always felt alive and vibrant while traveling by air.

Until this trip. I’ll confess right now that it’s been really difficult to get my head and heart in gear for my second year in China. The summer was wonderful and I got settled in at home—and the act of comings and goings and transitioning from one world to another takes an emotional toll on me. Plus the wisdom tooth issues made the last week in America a little challenging.

So I said goodbye to Tim crying. And I left my mom at the airport crying. And I ordered a Coke from the airport restaurant and started crying again. And I sat on the plane in a bit of a funk.

It’s not that I don’t need or want to be here. And it’s not that it won’t get better and WONDERFUL again once I get settled in and readjusted. I have all faith that I will remember all of that very soon. It may be the RIGHT place for me to be right now—but, like so much of what is best for us—that doesn’t necessarily make it the EASY place for me to come to right now.

I can tell you that it is a lot easier to get settled in now that I am here! The school redecorated my apartment over the summer, and though they did remove the crown molding that I loved—they REALLY improved the place! I have new paint and pretty much a brand new bathroom—with a shower that will forever ruin me for anything less exquisite. Most important—they replaced the windows throughout the entire apartment, which will DRAMATICALLY help this winter! I’ll post pics soon!

Plus—it is fun to help the new teachers to get around and realize how much I’ve learned in the past year. I had to be fairly independent last year—and that really gave me a boost when it came to learning my way around Wuhan and learning how to get by on a day-to-day basis. It is fun getting to help Katera and Jesse, my new partners, to make Wuhan home.

I’m sure that I’ll be in a better mood later—probably jet lag is a factor in my apathy towards year 2—and I’ll write more and whatnot. For now, please Lift me Up to Father as I try to follow Him this year. I'm gonna need more help from Him this time round!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not quite catching up two months of American summer have dwindled down and are nearly over. I am scheduled to return to China this Monday, August 25. And I am not ready at all.

I know that I WANT and NEED to be in China for at least another year--but it's hard to leave everything here. This is the hard part of the life that I lead now.

To make matters a bit worse--last weekend my lower left jaw began to ache. I was traveling so I just picked up some Listerine at a gas station and rinsed a few times a day--but it kept getting worse. Once I got back to my hometown I rushed first thing to the dentist--thanking my Father that we have an oral surgeon in our Family at Northeast! He confirmed that I'd have to have a wisdom tooth removed asap.

So yesterday I had the oral surgery to take out one wisdom tooth. Now we're playing the waiting/recovery game--hoping that a dry socket or infection doesn't set in to delay my return to China. 

I feel soooo blessed that this all happened BEFORE i was back in China and when I could have a trusted Family member to help me--and my mom and Tim and friends around to baby me as I recover! 

I'm feeling fine so far and just taking it easy and enjoying the pain meds--and I think that everything will work out fine--but please Lift me up to Father that my gums will recover quickly and that I can mentally prepare for China again! 

I'll update with pics and summaries of the wonderful summer when I can! Then it's off to China for Round Two!