Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pics: Xinjiang, China FOOD

Xinjiang has some of the most flavorful food in China. Everything that I ate was absolutely delicious...even if it was a little surprising when it arrived! Here are some of the best pics!

Uighur bread is called Nan and is AMAZING! Probably ties for my favorite bread internationally (tied with Indian Naan). The crust is hard...and the middle becomes thin and cracker like, while the outer ring is soft inside and chewy. Many are sprinkled with sesame seeds or dried onions on top. Sometimes they spread a spicy sauce on top...but I like mine plain.

In the night market in Urumqi....lamb for sale...allll for sale! Makes you appreciate our nice plastic wrapped trays of meat at the supermarket!

Nuts and dried fruits are big for snacks...sooo yummy.

Where they cook their lamb kabobs...these are attached to all the Uighur restaurants and often really decorative.

A Uighur specialty...lamb kabobs. These are sold by Uighurs as street food all over China, but were especially delicious in Xinjiang.

This is lamb intestine stuffed with rice and peppers (surprisingly quite good--tasted like jambalaya), and lamb lung (the white chunks).

Breakfast at the Sidik's home. They were so nice to me and breakfast was so lovely every morning.

Uighur tea is served with cinnamon and in really pretty porcelain bowls.

Uighur bagels! You can't find bagels anywhere in China and then I came to Xinjiang and they were EVERYWHERE! They aren't quite like bagels...not as chewy..but they're still delicious in their own way!

In the night market in Kashgar, these lamb bones are considered to be incredibly curative for any medical problems you have...especially if you have back problems, you're supposed to get some of these.

This was funny to's their Red Bull drink...but as Red Camel!

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