Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pics: Xinjiang, China LANDSCAPES

Some of the scenery in Xinjiang! Again, if you want to see all my pics from Xinjiang, click here.

On the road from Urumqi to Turpan...icy capped mountains

At Flaming Mountain in the Turpan Basin: the left side of the mountain and surrounding desert

The middle view of the Flaming Mountain (my camera doesn't exactly have a wide angle)

The right side of Flaming Mountain

The view from the top of Flaming Mountain

In the Taklamakan Desert!! I spent the night out here!

I took a billion pictures of sand...and more sand...and then my footprints in the sand! But the desert just holds so much beauty and is a landscape that I've never seen before, so it was special to me. The amazing thing about the desert is the sound. The wind blew nonstop and made this rushing sound in your ears...there was no silence except for a few moments when the wind died down for a second or two. When that happens, you feel like you're deaf, because it's so quiet.

Coming up next are pics of food and me amongst all of these wonders.

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