Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Xinjiang, China: The PLACES

Below are some of the places that I went on my journey through Xinjiang. I've separated the photos into those that are places, and those that are strictly landscape. The landscape pics will come tomorrow. Again, if you want to check out my whole album, click here.


This is the bazaar in Urumqi, where they have a bunch of shops and now is pretty touristy. But I thought it was beautiful at night.

This is my cute little bed pallet at the Sidik's house in Urumqi. It was so comfortable and so wonderful of them to open their home to me!

The night market in Urumqi--just wait for the "food photos" post to see what they sold there!


I took a day trip to the Turpan area, a basin that is supposedly the 2nd lowest in the world. It has also recorded China's highest temperature. I toured the grape producing areas, a Uighur cultural museum, the ancient Jiaohe ruins, and a beautiful Mosque. It was really lovely.

scarves for sale in Turpan

grapes grown alllll over the place...really yummy to munch as you walk along beneath them!

The ancient city of Jiaohe.

A mosque in the Turpan region...the Uighur people are predominantly Muslim.

Gorgeous minaret done with Islamic patterns. I think Islamic art is my favorite in the world.

In the desert of the Turpan basin...near Flaming Mountain

This is Flaming Mountain. There is an ancient story of a monster who was coming to eat children, so a poet was given a brush to paint a wall of fire as a barrier for the monster. The flame he created became Flaming Mountain...

We had a little extra time on the tour, so I got to climb all the way to the top of Flaming Mountain...it was incredibly beautiful at sunset.

the view from the top of Flaming Mountain


I didn't take many pictures of actual places in Kashgar because my camera ran out of batteries while I was wondering around the old city. The best pics from there are in the post below of people from the market town outside of Kashgar. But this is a shot of icy mountains from the plane I took from Urumqi to Kashgar!


Most of my pics from here are landscape pics, so wait one more post and you'll see them. But I figured a tent counted as a place! To reach the desert, we rode 4-5 hours away from Kashgar. I joined a tiny tour of 3 Spanish girls around my age and our guide. We wandered around the desert barefoot and watched the sun set, slept well with the desert wind blowing nonstop and then watched the sun rise over the desert in the morning. It was a truly amazing experience...but I'll write more about it when I post the next set of pics!

That's all for now...the next posts will be landscapes, food and me in the midst of it all! Then comes pics of Tibet!!!

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