Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet Germany

I am now resting sweetly in Frankfurt, Germany after an incredible trip through Tibet and Nepal. Tibet was amazing; I have delayed in updating my blog because there are simply no words for the astounding beauty and once-in-a-lifetime fun that I had. I saw some of the world's most beautiful landscapes, the kind that make the photos for computer screen desktop backgrounds; got to observe a local culture so delicate that within a few generations it might be extinct; really connected with my international group of travelmates; felt swept away by a perfect sunset at Mount Everest; felt squished and feverish by the extreme lack of oxygen (but was spared from any REAL altitude sickness thank heavens); braved the worst toilet situations that one could imagine; ate countless quantities of yak products; walked the koras of amazing monasteries and temples; grew in knowledge and respect for Tibetan Buddhism; spent hours people watching in the hippie enclaves of Kathmandu; surrendered my water bottle to a gang of monkeys at the Monkey Temple; and in all had a wonderful trip.

Since arriving in Germany, I've given in to the exhaustion of the previous month--never has a bed felt so sweet and a shower seemed so clean as my spot at my sister's! It's been great catching up with my sister and brother-in-law and just having a chance to slow down and relax. They've treated me to great food and some lovely afternoons in the city, plus while they're at work I've had time to catch up on some tv shows and computer time!

But, the road calls to us again, and tomorrow Laura and I will leave on the cheap flights Laura found taking us for a few days to both DUBLIN, IRELAND and LONDON, ENGLAND!!!! I cannot express (once again) how excited I am to check out these two cities. The tickets were only 20 euros TOTAL... so we can splurge on some shopping and great food! Plus, it will be a joy to travel again with my big sis!

The next post will be a photo post, so stay tuned!! And if you're interested, I added a few pics here and there to old posts from the past's nice to be able to use pics now that my words have totally failed me!

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